What is the ACCI?

Professional members of the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) are entitled to seek accreditation as Professional Associates and, if successful, to use the designatory letters ACCI (Associate of Canadian Condominium Institute) followed by their field of study in brackets. [For example: ACCI (Ins.) or ACCI (ADR)] Accreditation is subject to the member meeting the eligibility requirements, submitting an application to the local Chapter, successfully completing a written examination by CCI and pledging to abide by CCI’s Code of Ethics. To retain the ACCI designation, professional members must maintain an up-to-date membership with the Canadian Condominium Institute, fulfill continuing educational requirements, and seek renewal of the designation every two years.



What is the FCCI?

CCI may elevate a current or former CCI professional associate to the status of ‘Fellow’ of the Canadian Condominium Institute. Fellowship was created to recognize and honour associates whose meritorious service to the Institute or to the condominium community best exemplifies the standards expected by CCI of its professional members.

To find out more about the FCCI designation, follow the links below:

ACCI Members

Recipients in the Golden Horseshoe Chapter

David H. Blanchard Wilson, Blanchard Management Inc. ACCI
Don Chown Chown Property Management Inc. ACCI
Michael H. Clifton Clifton Kok LLP Legal Counsel ACCI
Kim Coulter Cion | Coulter ACCI, FCCI
Maria Desforges J & W Condominium Management Ltd. ACCI
Stan Dulberg Wilson, Blanchard Management Inc. ACCI
Maria Durdan Simpson Wigle LAW LLP ACCI
Richard A. Elia Elia Associates ACCI
Maria Finoro MF Property Management Ltd. ACCI, FCCI
Christopher J. Jaglowitz Gardiner Miller Arnold LLP ACCI
Jon Juffs CCI Group Inc. ACCI
Michelle Kelly Sutherland Kelly LLP ACCI
Denise Lash Lash Condo Law ACCI
Craig McMillan Maple Ridge Community Management Ltd. ACCI
Robert M. Mullin Smith Valeriote Law Firm LLP ACCI
Karen Reynolds Wilson, Blanchard Management, Inc. ACCI, FCCI
Stephanie Sutherland Sutherland Kelly LLP ACCI
Peter Webb Property Management Guild Inc. ACCI
Ray Wilson Wilson, Blanchard Management Inc. ACCI, FCCI

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